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Can CBD Benefit Athletes?

CBD has many everyday uses for over 90% of the population. From infants with epilepsy, to seniors with psoriasis, I’ve seen it all. However, I’ve been encountering one population more and more frequently in 2019…athletes looking for an edge.

Most of the reasons why people buy CBD carry over to athletes as well. The wise and up-to-date athlete would be foolish to not take advantage of the many medical and recovery benefits found in intelligent use of a good CBD product. The following are 3 of the main benefits CBD can have on athletes.


Doesn’t matter whether it’s for the house-wife with a sore back, senior looking to relieve some joint pain, or a world class athlete looking to recover from her workouts and practices faster…all three of these individuals are combating inflammation.

CBD has been found to relieve inflammation (Burstein, 2015). By combating inflammation, CBD helps boost recovery and makes athletes less prone to injury or conditions associated with over-training (which should more aptly be named under-recovery) (Mukhopadhyay et al., 2011).

With a good CBD product, athletes can recover faster from workouts and rebound from injuries faster, including head/brain injuries, compared to their peers who are not on CBD (Mori et al., 2017)


Whether it’s for people or pets, chronic anxiety is the second most common reason why people buy CBD products.

CBD has been shown to reduce anxiety in several studies. Reducing anxiety is something almost every athlete can benefit from (Koivula, Hassmen, & Fallby, 2002) when it comes to performing on their big day, as the stresses of competition, and being able to perform on that big day can melt even the very best in the world. With a good CBD product, anxiety can be greatly lessened (Bergamaschi et al., 2011), which can help an athlete perform closer to his/her ideal level.

Improving Sleep Quality and Sleep Quantity

What I’m about to say my sound like blasphemy….especially since it’s coming from an avid CBD user and the co-owner of a company that specializes in CBD products…but CBD is probably the second best thing for recovery. The first is undoubtedly high quality sleep (Lamberg, 2005)

Sleep has more performance enhancing benefits than any drug or supplement on the market (Walker, 2008). Its benefits are numerous, and include improved reaction times (Williamson & Feyer, 2000), reduced injury rates (Maxon, 2013), improved overall health (Maxon, 2013), and many others.

But CBD can help you get some of the best sleep of your life (Gates, Albertella, Copeland, 2014). It interacts with the endocannabinoid system to destress your nervous-system (Cassol-Jr. et al., 2010). This allows people to get to sleep sooner, and experience a deeper, higher quality of sleep.


CBD has many benefits that can help out any athlete.

Reducing inflammation, reducing anxiety, and helping one get more and higher quality sleep are just the tip of the ice-berg.

If you’re an athlete, and you’re not taking advantage of the benefits of CBD, I can promise you that more and more of your competition will as CBD comes into the mainstream.

Don’t fall behind, recover faster, have less stress, and get more sleep by investing in a high quality CBD product today.


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