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Dollar-Stretching Tips for Staying Fit Through Your Golden Years

Updated: Jul 10, 2020

Guest Post by: James Hall

As we age, it’s important to keep up with fitness, even if our exercise routines have to adapt over time. Staying nimble through your senior years will help you stay healthy and energetic, and there are plenty of great low-impact exercises, such as yoga, that can be done from the comfort of your home. And thankfully, none of that needs to break your budget.

Fitness for seniors

If you’re in your golden years and you need to get back into a fitness routine, research some low-impact exercises that you can do either at home or in your neighborhood.

Though it may seem simple, daily walking is a great exercise for seniors. There are plenty of benefits, including reducing pain by strengthening muscles, improving your heart health, and boosting mental health. Getting fresh air is always a boon to health, and if you invite friends to join you, you’ll get your social hour in at the same time.

Another exercise that’s great for seniors is yoga. If you’re new to yoga, Momoyoga explains you can book a virtual class with an instructor who can show you how to properly get into the different poses. Once you know the basics, yoga is easy to do by following online classes or joining a live streaming class.

If you want a more general fitness routine, aim to work on your balance, strength, and flexibility. For improving strength, chair squats and wall push-ups are beneficial and safe for seniors. If you want to improve flexibility, try doing snow angels against the wall, and work on neck mobility by doing head turns.

Fitness gear

When you’re ready to kick start your exercise routine, you may want to think about getting some low-cost gear to help you get started. Philadelphia notes you can find many pieces of equipment and other gear used if you shop around.

Some things you might be hesitant to buy used, like athletic shoes. If you’re adopting a walking or jogging routine, you’ll want to make sure you have appropriate, supportive footwear. Athletic shoes and apparel are often on sale; look for deals like Nike coupons while you’re shopping online so you can stick to your budget.

Another piece of essential gear to look for as you start your new routine is a yoga mat. There are inexpensive options out there and you’ll likely be able to use it for more than just yoga; it’s great for any floor fitness routines you pick up as you create a program for yourself.

Health benefits of exercise

Exercise is a crucial element to staying healthy through your senior years, and there are plenty of added health benefits to adopting a fitness routine.

Regular exercise can improve mental health in many ways. It has a positive impact for those experiencing depression and anxiety, and even light exercise releases serotonin, which is a natural feel-good hormone. Exercise also improves sleep, which can have a dramatically positive impact on both your physical and emotional health.

Another major benefit to exercising regularly is disease prevention. Studies show that exercise can prevent heart disease and diabetes, meanwhile improving overall immune function. Maintaining a fitness routine—even low-impact exercises—will help your body ward off colds and flus throughout the year. By gaining and maintaining strength through your senior years, you’ll find that you’re much healthier and more likely to live a long life. Consider it an investment of time and energy that pays off in spades.

Anytime people adopt new fitness routines, there’s always an adjustment period where you might feel sore. If you’re feeling stiffness or sore muscles, consider using a CBD oil, which can help with recovery and overall wellness—just be sure to purchase through a responsible and trustworthy source like M & M Naturals so you know you get what you paid for.

Fitness for seniors is vital for staying healthy through the golden years. Even if it’s been awhile since you last exercised, there are ways to reintroduce a fitness routine into your life without overspending, whether it’s committing to daily walking or doing some simple strength and balance exercises at home. Look for online fitness and yoga videos for inspiration, and consider getting some low-cost athletic gear to help motivate you into action.

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