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Nano CBD: Next Generation of CBD or A Next Level Gimmick?

CBD products for pets and people is a booming business! New CBD technologies and patents are created every single day making “CBD the wild west of the supplement industry” as stated by a spokesman for NORML (National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws).

This wild west has created some ingenious products that have helped increase the quality of life for countless men, women, children, and pets. However, every once in a while, a product comes out that has the CBD community abuzz. Nano CBD is one of those. Some people love it and say it’s the next generation of CBD products, others say it’s nothing but another gimmick in the CBD industry. Let’s take a look at some of the most common claims and fact check them.

Claim 1: Nano CBD is more easily absorbed than other CBDs.

TRUE! (probably)

Very little research has been done on whether this is true or not. However, according to many leading scientists and researchers, because of Nano CBD’s miniaturized size, it can pass through various barriers and bond easier to CBD receptors. This may be true, however it is a two way street.

Because of it’s size, Nano CBD can pass through many protective barriers in the body (including the blood brain barrier). If anything goes wrong with the manufacturing process, or if a person or an animal has an adverse reaction to Nano CBD, the potential effects could be devastating.

Claim 2: Nano CBD absorbs faster than all other CBDs.


There was only one study conducted on Nano CBD which compared it to CBD capsules derived from synthetic marijuana. This study has two serious flaws stemming from one issue. They compared it to the weakest kind of CBD on the market.

1. Capsuled CBD is easily destroyed in the gut. Many experts and scientists argue that ingested CBD does next to nothing, and low-level dosages may do absolutely nothing. I’ve even had one expert tell me that low dosage capsule users experience nothing but the placebo effect.

2. CBD derived from synthetic marijuana is vastly inferior to CBD derived from hemp or conventional marijuana. This is also ignoring the fact synthetic marijuana products have been linked to cases of severe bleeding and bruising

No studies have been done comparing Nano CBD to conventional full-spectrum CBD taken sublingually or even standard isolate. This brings us to our next claim.

Claim 3: Nano CBD has all the terpenes and flavonoids that full-spectrum CBD has.


A very unpopular fact with Nano CBD enthusiasts is that Nano CBD is essentially miniaturized isolate surrounded with fat molecules. That’s it. Because it’s an isolate (which is itself a dead molecule), that means that there are NO terpenes and flavonoids in these products. If there were terpenes and flavonoids, it wouldn’t be Nano because the molecules are too big.

Watch out! Many Nano CBD companies try to fool consumers by making the claim that it is “Broad Spectrum” because they can’t make the claim that it is full-spectrum. This is a blatant attempt to prey upon the ignorance of consumers who are looking for a full-spectrum product. I’ve even come across two salesmen who honestly thought the Nano CBD that they were selling had all the terpenes and flavonoids of full-spectrum CBD. They had no evidence for their claim, and when they did their own digging, they were honestly upset at the company they were working for having them say certain claims.

While I do believe that most of the people out there selling these products mean well, and probably truly believe it is the next best thing, the facts say otherwise. Nano CBD is simply miniaturized isolate. This means that the medicinal synergistic effects found in good full-spectrum CBD will be completely absent. Many of the leading scientists and researchers in the cannabinoid field have argued that the CBD molecule itself does very little. It’s the terpenes and flavonoids that interact with each other and the CBD molecules that create the bulk of the medicinal effects.

According to one researcher “Trying to use dead molecules (isolate) to generate medicinal effects is like trying to row a canoe with soup spoons. Can it get you where you need to go? Possibly, depending on the circumstances. Are there better, more effective tools for the job? Absolutely.”

Simply put, Nano CBD is just another gimmick.

This is why, despite having access to arguably the best Nano CBD on the market, M&M Naturals refuses to carry and sell it.

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