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The Story of Achilles

Updated: Jan 24, 2019

I first started down the path of pet health not because of interest but because of necessity. If you’re reading this, it’s probably because a pet of yours or a pet of someone you know is ill. That means you share the same sense of desperation I once had to help out something you love. If you’ve come to me for help, here is what I have learned on my journey helping someone I love, as well as helping others heal and comfort those they love.

This all revolves around the toughest and most loving being I have ever had the pleasure of knowing, my dog Achilles. Achilles, at the time of this writing, is an 11 year old American Bulldog. Achilles had terrible allergies for the first 3 years of his life. I gave him Benadryl, which had a very limited effect.

Achilles’ allergies were so bad, he would claw and chew himself bloody. I could not bear to see him in such discomfort. After seeing the over the counter drugs fail, I took him to the vet. They prescribed him a very powerful steroid, which had a stronger effect than the Benadryl but had serious long-term side effects with prolonged use such as permanent liver damage and permanent kidney damage.

...the vets told me their first big lie, that there was no other effective way to treat his allergies. Not knowing any better at the time, my family and I decided to keep him on the steroids.

A few months after being on this drug, Achilles suffered an extremely powerful heat stroke which nearly killed him. The heat stroke was so powerful, it began to break down his organs. Blood from the broken down organs and blood vessels began to seep out of his skin, eyes, ears, nose, mouth, and anus...

...the veterinarians at the emergency vet hospital said he had a less than 5% chance of survival. I decided I would persist though, and demanded that he still be treated despite them advising to give up on him. Much to everyone’s amazement, Achilles fought through it and survived. However, the follow up blood work showed his liver and kidneys were permanently damaged and he would likely only live 3-5 more years, and would likely have severe complications in the next two years.

It was at this time I began experimenting with supplements and other health pursuits to try to better the life of my dog. I not only wanted him to live a longer life but I wanted to make sure his quality of life was the best it could possibly be. Unfortunately, as you may already know, there is a lot of conflicting information out there. Worse yet, many companies and individuals peddle very harmful products!

It was difficult to sort through everything to find the answers. I then started to utilize my academic connections to read published peer reviewed academic journals. I found that not much of what was published on pet health and supplementation was of little to no help. The findings were almost always inconclusive or worse yet, had negative effects. Nevertheless, I persisted and was determined not to let something I love down.

A little more than a year after Achilles’ heat stroke incident, I noticed several small bumps forming on him. I again took him to the vet, who gave me a worst case scenario. Achilles was diagnosed with Mast Cell Tumors, which is an aggressive form of cancer. These bumps that at first popped out of nowhere, were quickly spreading throughout his skin and all over his body. Additionally, the vet found other tumors starting to grow around his organs. I was told there was not much I could do except surgery and hope for the best. I agreed to the surgery...

...the tumors on his skin were gone, and I was told another lie from the veterinarian “We got it all”. Unfortunately, a few months later the tumors came back in different spots. We again agreed to the surgery. The doctor told me the same lie. This time however, I recognized what it was. I started to do research the minute Achilles recovered from surgery.

A few months later, the tumors were back, and were larger than ever. The doctors told me because of the aggressiveness of the cancer, Achilles had at most 2 years to live. The only thing we could do to prolong his life was to have periodic surgeries. I knew that unless I wanted to subject something I truly love to several surgeries for the rest of his life, I had to do something.

It was at this point I implemented a radical transformation of Achilles’ life, diet, and supplements based on my endless hours of research. Not only did most of the 13 growths that popped up on Achilles stop growing after this transformation, most tumors went away is less than 90 days. Not only that, but 3 years later, I had my vet do some blood work on Achilles to see how his liver and kidneys were functioning after his heat stroke...

...According to the vet, he could see no signs of his previous liver or kidney damage, and Achilles’ results actually fell into the health bracket of a dog 2 years younger than him! It seems that most, if not all the damage from his heat stroke had been healed, which I was previously told was not possible.

Fast forward a few years later, word about what I had done has spread, and people come to me to learn the methods and supplements that I used to help Achilles to help their pets combat various ailments such as cancer, healing from physically traumatic events, as well as dealing with autoimmune issues, and other health related issues. The lifestyle, diet, and supplement transformation method has not only worked for Achilles, but for dozens of other pets.

At first, I didn’t sell supplements, and make no kickbacks on any of my recommendations. I simply showed people a healthier way for their dogs to live, which combines several different scientific disciplines that I have learned from my own research, and from consulting with some of the best and brightest minds in several different fields...

...however, after spending time in the pet supplement field, I found that almost all the products out there (even the one’s marketed as health products) at best, didn’t do enough, and at worst, are harmful. I am here to change that. I am here to give your pets the same fighting chance I gave Achilles.

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